MEXConomy™ Overview

MEXC Economy is a full loop eco-system that connects the buyers of MEXC Tokens during ICO, as well as post-ICO at participating exchangers, to the industry players in the EMS industry to purchase our patent-pending EMS products and services using Mx Tokens.

- Hisham Ismail, CTO, MEXC.

Introducing Mx Token

It addresses the volatility of the token prices by introducing the internal token, Mx Token, to dampen the effects on price volatilities when mapping the real world products and services to price points. It also provides exchange solutions whereby, prior to this, all tokens are to be converted to Bitcoin, or Ethereum before it can be cashed out to fiat currency. With the clamp downs on crypto-currency, especially Bitcoin, token holders are marred with available avenues to exchange their tokens from crypto to fiat.

With Mx P2P Exchanger, MEXC Token holders can swap, or exchange their EMS Tokens directly to fiat currency in a peer-to-peer fashion. This is among the first in ERC20 tokens.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

A blockchain-based Enterprise Resource Planning ERP) platform is a novelty. It is a decentralised system whereby all processes, from sales, to manufacturing, and to delivery of the products are mapped, tracked and monitored to ensure transparent processes, non-repudiation, as well as secure traceability on the Ethereum Network through the use of Ethereum Smart Contracts.

These smart contracts are being queried via DApp that can be accessed via Mobile Application, or even through the Chrome Web Browser itself. This is also the first in EMS industry.

With the use of decentralised ERP, we can achieve more, such as:


We can lower the costs of our EMS products and services through decentralised manufacturing. Only the core components should be manufactured directly by us, where the rest of the components and assembly should be done where we can get advantage over material costs and finishing. This should lower the price to the end users.


We can make our marketing efforts more efficient by targeting specific needs and concerns for each geographical location. Only the local distributor knows the affordability of the local market. The price point is set by us based on the locality affordability.


We can orchestrate the distribution in a transparent, immutable and secure traceability through the use of our Decentralised ERP on Blockchain. No single conglomerate can control, and manipulate the prices to their advantage.


  • The MEXC Tokens
  • The Mx Tokens
  • P2P Mx Exchanger
  • The Mobile Applications
  • Decentralised Voting
  • The Blockchain Enterprise Resource Planning Platform:
    • The Web Store
    • The Manufacturing Tracking System
    • The Delivery Tracking System
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