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Emergency Medical Services [EMS] Overview

Emergency Medical Services [EMS] or ambulance services provide pre-hospital medical care and transportation services to hospitals and medical facilities. The rise in demand for emergency medical services has led to the growth in the ambulance equipment market.

Our EMS products and services are based on new inventions, new innovations and creativities in providing the best, and cost effective products and solutions for the EMS industry.

Democratize The USD 6.8 Billion Dollars EMS Industry

Ready made product. Ready markets.

De-facto standards in EMS Industry

Huge market. Endless demands.

Our EMS Patent-Pending Products

Over the years since 1998, we have 25 new inventions that patentable, 5 industrial designs, and 6 copyrights in the EMS industry. All of the products have been used in hospitals and ambulances. Read our WhitePaper for further details.


New Patentable Inventions


Industrial Designs


EMS industry copyrights

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Introducing MEXC

MEXC Initial Coin Offering [ICO] is a unique creation of utility token for the users in the EMS industry. The players in the industry would use the MEXC Token to purchase patented, and patent-pending equipment and services to save lives. The MEXC Token is created to fill the gap in the Medical industry, especially by using Blockchain technology for transparent, immutable records and secure transactions.

MEXC Token Issuance

  • MEXC token is categorised under ‘Utility Token’, therefore it is not classified as security.
  • Ticker Name
  • Number of Decimals
  • Platform
    Ethereum Network
  • ICO Start Date
    Stage 1 : February 8th, 2018. 00:00:01 GMT
    ( Whitelisted Addresses Only )
    Stage 2 : February 23th, 2018. 00:00:01 GMT
    Stage 3 : March 25th, 2018. 00:00:01 GMT
    Stage 4 : April 14th, 2018. 00:00:01 GMT
    Stage 5 : April 24th, 2018. 00:00:01 GMT
  • ICO Closing Date
    April 29th, 2018. 23:59:59 GMT
  • Maximum Supply
    1,714,285,714 MEXC
  • Total Number of Tokens for ICO
    1,200,000,000 MEXC Tokens
    ( 70%of maximum supply )
  • MEXC Base Price
    4,000 MEXC = 1 ETH During Stage 1
    3,500 MEXC = 1 ETH During Stage 2
    3,250 MEXC = 1 ETH During Stage 3
    3,125 MEXC = 1 ETH During Stage 4
    3,000 MEXC = 1 ETH During Stage 5
  • Fundraising Limits
    Hard Cap : 300,000.00 ETH
  •     Reserved For The ICO
    70 %
  •    Future Development Of MEXConomy
    15 %
  •    Management Team
    10 %
  •    Legal, Project Advisors And Bounty Program
    5 %